Welcome to the andrews’ honey hub

Mission: to provide continual knowledge, great resources, and quality products to bee and honey enthusiasts.


About Us:

My name is Chris Andrews and I started Andrews Honey Hub to culminate several of my interests into one project. I have always enjoyed woodworking and making things. This started when I was a child catching snakes and birds in the barn, fields, and garage. Designing and making the traps was as much fun as catching whatever I was going after. A finished product gives a sense of accomplishment and different challenges to master as specifics are added or challenges accepted. Because of this I will make and sell beekeeping products, I will also continue to learn to design and provide these to others who wish to make them.

Honey bees have been in the back of my mind since I was a young child, sometime before 5th grade at least. Somehow my family befriended the Larry and Ida Hasselman, Larry was a beekeeper in Western Michigan. One day while I was at their house, Larry received a queen bee in the mail and took the time to explain why she was in a small wooden cage and how he would place a pliable white candy at the end of the cage so the other bees could eat through it and free her. I thought that was interesting and it stuck with me and my sense of curiosity. And with the combination of curiosity and a small teaser from childhood, I started three beehives around 2010.

And the third leg of Andrews Honey Hub is writing. I started writing in middle school, it helped me process what I was thinking and feeling and I have enjoyed some freelance writing on and off through out my life. Hopefully, I can help provide information for others by writing on different topics within the beekeeping topic. I hope you will enjoy these articles and if you ever have any suggestions, please shoot me an email asking a question or suggesting a topic.